A toast to you
A toast to me
A toast to geeky revelry

Celebrate the Sparklelab way!

Birthday parties. Team building 
Halloween & Christmas Celebrations. Cosplay.


Our special events, party packages and team building workshops include program activities, facilitators, materials, loot bags and the use of Sparklelab’s facilities.


Gamemakers Parties

A curious Feast

Murder Mystery

Beyond the Screen: An Afternoon of Larping

Imagine. Collaborate. Play. Pretend.

Ready Player One

8 Bit awesomeness. DIY arcade.

birthday party-toymill header.png

Toymill Parties

birthday party-gamemakers-frankentoy.png
birthday party-gamemakers-plush toy lab.png

birthday party-stitches-circuits.png
birthday party-stitches-madhatter.png
birthday party-stitches-footloose.png

birthday party-spark-header.png

Spark Parties


The night is our canvas

Light painting. Photography. Crafting paper lamps. 

Squiggle Bots

Robots, color and modern art


birthday party-getreeel-header.png

Get Reel Parties


Once Upon a Time

Mission: Storytelling, illustrating, book binding

In the Blink of an Eye

The Art of Stop Motion Animation