A toast to you
A toast to me
A toast to geeky revelry

Celebrate the Sparklelab way!

Birthday parties. Team building 
Halloween & Christmas Celebrations. Cosplay.


Our special events, party packages and team building workshops include program activities, facilitators, materials, loot bags and the use of Sparklelab’s facilities.


Gamemakers Parties

Congratulations! You have leveled up!

A Curious feast

Murder Mystery

Ready Player One

8 Bit awesomeness. DIY arcade


Imagine. Collaborate. Play. Pretend.

Toymill Parties

Brewing Mischief

birthday party-toymill header.png
birthday party-gamemakers-frankentoy.png


A mad scientist’s celebration Design toys, engineer delight

birthday party-gamemakers-plush toy lab.png

Plush Toy Lab

Cute. Cuddly. Creepy.

A Marvelous Celebration

Unleash the superhero in you

Stitches & Circuits Parties 

Dress Code: Geek Chic

birthday party-stitches-circuits.png
birthday party-stitches-madhatter.png

The Madhatter’s Tea Party

Mission: Mad hatting! Create wild & whimsical hats that light up and move

birthday party-stitches-footloose.png


Mission: DIY light up dancing shoes

Spark Parties

Robots, color and modern art

birthday party-spark-header.png

The Night is Our Canvas and We Paint with Light

Light painting. Photography. Crafting paper lamps.

Squiggle Bots

Robots, color and modern art

Get Reel Parties

 Tales of Birth, Celebrations and Other Feasts

birthday party-getreeel-header.png

Once Upon a Time

Mission: Storytelling, illustrating, book binding

Once Upon a Time

Mission: Storytelling, illustrating, book binding