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Rappler August 2017
Rappler August 2017

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Summer recommendation: Sparklelab

I first met Rossana Lopez one spooky Saturday in October. I visited her little red workshop on P. Guevara in San Juan with two of the kids in tow There were signs this was going to be somewhat of a...

Catch Kiddie Creations at Eastwood Mall every weekend of October! | Roller Coaster Ride

I love weekends. The weekends are the only times when we can spend more than a few hours together as a complete family. That's why I always try to plan something fun for us to do together. Sometimes we enjoy just staying home, have our meals in the master bedroom and just watch movies.

A Spark of Genius, SparkleLAB.

If you ever find yourself in San Juan, somewhere near Cafe Ysabel and the Metro Art Gallery, why don't you enter that quaint little red house in the corner? It's a whole new world inside. I promise you. This unassuming abode is actually SparkleLAB, a toy making+game making camp for kids ages 9 to 99.

My Top Picks for Kids' Activities

One of my fave events to organize is Expo Kid! I created this concept 7 years ago because of my own challenges as a mom in encouraging my kids to take up classes to further develop their skills and talents. My kids, especially the youngest, is not the easiest to convince to take classes that I want her to take.

sparkleLAB: An Awesome Kind Summer Workshop!

First, the kids were given books to look at to look for something they would like to do or look for "inspiration" Then we were given papers to draw how we want our toys look like. Y chose to make a panda. Well, I was the one who drew it.

Sparklelab's YULEanda

We've been huge fans of the Sparklelab Toy and Game-making club since it opened its doors to all creative kids out there. But yesterday, that fan factor went up another notch. The kids were making toys to be given as Christmas presents to the young survivors of Yolanda. What a brilliant idea!